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x3 TORQ-BL9280

x3 servos High Voltage Brushless Digital Tail Servo

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TORQ Servos - When Good Just Isn't Enough.

 Introducing the redesigned TORQ BL9280 Cyclic Servo and the TORQ BL9288 Rudder Servo - an all new design with the dependable power, precision & speed that TORQ servos are known for.

Redesigned with an all new aluminum case, and infused with the level of performance & capability TORQ servos are known for, the BL9280 & BL9288 have been optimized with integrated cooling fins, providing greater cooling capacity during the most demanding of 3D flights.

Elegant, powerful and visually stunning, TORQ servos continue to utilize the platform that has propelled this brand above all others, providing high torque, blazing speed and the ultimate precision pilots demand when it comes to 3D flight capability.

The utilization of a brushless motor (compared to long used brushed motors in many other servos) ensures the ultimate in reliability with lighning fast response times, and smooth operation & vibration resistance. Adding to this, the gear train is titanium coated for strength and durability, allowing the servos to be pushed harder & faster in all regimes of 3D flight.

Blazing speed is what TORQ had in mind when the BL9288 was being developed, as rudder demands continue to increase under heavy 3D demand. Simply put, if you are in need of maximum speed, the BL9288 will deliver gobs of it - 0.034 second transit speed at 8.4V, to be brutally exact.

With brushless power and titanium coated gears, the TORQ servos are built within a CNC machined aluminum case for maximum strength & durability. Anodized in a beautiful red case with laser etching, TORQ servos not only perform amazingly well, but look the part within your helicopter. Perfomance like this is simply hard to miss, and TORQ makes it easy for your competition to see what you have in store at the flight line.

The BL9288 Tail Servo and BL9288 Cyclic Servo are designed from the outset to function on 5.2 volts, all the way up to 8.4 volts (unregulated 2S Lithium Polymer Batteries). This High Voltage setup allows a very light and compact installation with no regulator needed - simply plug in your 7.4V LiPo receiver battery, and these High Voltage servos are ready to perform ast their maximum limit. 




  •    Ultra High Speed / Ultra High Torque
  •    Redesigned Case w/ Integrated Cooling Fins
  •    Designed from the outset for Unregulated 2S LiPo Compatibility
  •    Brushless Motor and Digital Controller for Unmatched Power & Reliability
  •    Standard 1500 Micro Second Center Pulse
  •    Full CNC Machined Aluminum Case Anodized in Red w/ Laser Etched Logo's
  •    Titanium Coated Gears for Maximum Strength & Durability
  •    Dual Ball Bearing Output Shaft   


x3 TORQ-BL9280


 Vitesse (60 degrees)

 Couple (ozin)

 Couple (kgcm)


















 Pignon de sortie 

 Double roullements à bille

 Pignon materieau

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 5.2 – 8.4 volts